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Welcome to Training First Consulting


Training First is a local Canadian company with many international ties. Our work is recognized globally. We specialized in providing Training and Development, Workplace Education, Small Business start-up and accounting services.

Our goal is to design and conduct training courses based on Organizational and Individual Assessment where main focus is to benefit learners while aligning with organizational vision.

We bring worldwide experience and different perspective that helps your business to stay competitive in the market place. Your success is our mission. We have helped hundreds of clients with their training, development, instructional design and financial needs.

For you training needs, IT in-sourcing or to schedule an Organizational needs assessment please contact

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Workplace Education

Workplace Education

Our instructors are members of AWENS (Adult Workplace Educators of Nova Scotia) organization who deliver quality and fully customized education programs to Nova Scotia workplaces.

Our instructors strongly support economic and social development of Atlantic Canada region. Atlantic Canada workplace is in need of skilled workforce. Retaining employees become a daunting task for our small market. We have conducted several surveys where one of the keys to retention is to promote a workplace climate where individuals are respected, where their contributions are valued, and they are motivated to succeed. Our Training Solution is completely customized to your organizational and individual business need.

* Customer Service and Sales.

* HR Essentials.

* Technology.

* Microsoft Office (including MS Project, Access).

* Leadership.

* Interpersonal and Communication skills.

* Business Start-up and Finances.

* Supply Chain Management Essential.

* Presentation Skills are few courses to name.

Majority of the services provided are either completely or partially offset by a government grant.

Our instructors will conduct 30-40 hours of training and develop a customized curriculum. We use real data for all hands on exercises to create full training benefits for every participant. If you are interested in any of the following: Improving profits, communication, interpersonal skills, morale and productivity; being able to build stronger business relationships and client loyalty; enhance professionalism, accountability, and business acumen or simply develop mentors, leaders, and coaches we should talk.

Accounting Training

Accounting Training

Training First Consulting provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries.

Planning on opening or expanding your business in Canada, hiring employees? We can be your resource and assist you in administrative set up of your operation and payroll systems.

Training First Consulting strives to meet each client's specific needs and work toward achieving their goals by:

* Improving workplace services to reduce liability

* Optimizing workplace solutions and implementing new procedures that are cost effective

* Ensuring compliance by structuring the payroll system

Professional services offered but not limited to:

* Training and Consulting services.

* Conversion from manual to computerized accounting systems.

* Start-up implementation of accounting systems for new businesses.

* We offer on-site and off-site bookkeeping services.

* HST Preparation, AR and AP.

* Assistance with tax preparation.

* Bank reconciliation.

* Financial reporting.

* Payroll services.

HR Training and Business Coaching

HR Training

Our primary focus is to help the HR transformation concentrating on business results. Our course could be designed to improve HR functionality and services that will align to corporate goals and strategies like quality, productivity, internal and external customer satisfaction.

Topics Covered

* Job Analysis and Performance Evaluation.

* Defining Job Descriptions and Responsibilities.

* Goal Settings.

* Generational and Cultural Diversity.

* Having A Difficult Conversation.

* Leadership Skills.

* Presentation Skills.

* Emotional Intelligence.

We would like to concentrate on performance management process that is continual as opposed to once or twice a year. Main focus is to see many managers are leading and team members are performing to create cohesiveness within your organization. These courses are suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

* Supervisors.

* Team Leaders.

* Managers.

Customer Service and Sales Training

Customer Service and Sales Training

Your customer is the most important person in your business, and creating a product or service that is unique in the eyes of the customer is becoming increasingly difficult in today's competitive environment. Improving the quality of your customer service requires commitment and consistent effort from the entire organization. Our focus is to work with internal and external customers. Our team will design a course suitable for your industry and we promise to create a culture of continuous service improvement by working together.

These fundamentals will help with the following:

* Make a commitment to service.

* Branding.

* Develop a proactive recovery strategy.

* Listen and empathise to customers.

* Hold everyone accountable.

* Measure performance .

* Four levels of customers.

* Culturally diverse customer base.

* Dealing with difficult customers.

* Celebrate success.


The art of Selling is changing at rapid speed. Do you know the latest developments in selling techniques and sales? You need to change to survive and prosper in today's selling environment. One thing has not changed with organizations, the need for both their sales and customer service teams to bring in the numbers.

Training First Consulting will help you understand selling has become a thinking person's game. That means we can no longer manage sales by processes, protocols or numbers alone. We will work with any organization, sales team to benefit selling outside of the region into the global market. Our training will help to look deeper into the web of relationships and how to operate within many networks in order to be successful. We are committed to work with your sale teams to benefits from your customer uniqueness and diversity.

Technology Training

Technology Training

We think that technical-based training should focus on how to use it instead of how to build it. Either you need a customized training for techno savvy or non technical audience our proven track record could deliver on both front. We will predetermine what language is appropriate to use based on audience. Our determination to work with variety of participants makes us very unique in the training and development world. Training First Consulting has successfully delivered many different projects as such:

* IT Enterprise.

* Microsoft (Office, Project, Access, etc.).


* Siebel CRM.

* Cisco and Avaya Telephony end user training.

* BlackBerry.

* iOS.

* Android.

We helped many organizations to benefit from usage of different software or hardware applications. Our consultants will work with your organization to unlock tremendous potential of today's technology. Let us know how we could help?


Training First Consulting has partnered with high profile industry representatives

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The Process

The key to a successful training initiative is planning. Our experience and related research shows, neglecting the upfront planning processes for business training can impact project cost and time-line negatively; by up to 30%.

In today's business environment, the most common and widely used metric to measure the success of learning programs is Return On Investment (ROI). But, does it really mean anything? It is a metric that can accurately measure success in terms of hard costs, but all too often, it doesn't provide a true measure of learning. That's why Training First Consulting defines the programs' success by focusing on the Impact On Business (IOB), not just ROI.

Training First Consulting uses our proven instructional design, consultation, and training services.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to check us out, we appreciate it.

Training Assessment

Training assessments are vital to understanding how corporate training programs influence business initiatives. Our 20 years of experience, conducting meaningful assessments for all types of training projects, have a proven track record in a variety of industries.

Individual Needs Assessment (INA)

Has allowed us to develop best practices and processes for a variety of audiences and projects. Our training consultants offer services to determine which type of learning activity will further your business objectives. We identify learning styles, and match them to engaging and impactful activities.

Post Training Assessment

Our Focus

Developing an Outcome Focus is the best approach to strategic thinking, planning, performance management and day to day leadership for your organization.

  • Is Accountability important for your organization?

  • Is Transparency expected by your shareholders, stakeholders, and Community?

  • Is merging cultures or advancing collaboration amongst numerous parties crucial to your success?

Our Values

We are committed to place our clients at the center of our core values and everything we stand for. We work collaboratively in our own backyard or across the globe.


We believe the more minds that contribute the better the results. We work collaboratively across the hall and across the globe; teaming up to solve tough challenges and advance our collective goals.


Leadership is a state of action, empowering decision-makers at every level. We believe in moving forward with purpose, to create value today and build a legacy for tomorrow.

Customer Focus

We build lasting, collaborative relationships with our customers. It starts with a deep organizational and individual needs analysis and the challenges they face. Working with our business partners, we help them turn their vision into reality.


At the heart of our work is doing what's right by our customers and our employees. We act with tremendous commitment to ethics, honesty and accountability.


We're passionate about what we do and what our name stands for.


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